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Small Batch Lightly Cooked Beef

SKU 752830704374


Our same pristine smallbatch ingredients, combined in a dog formula and gently cooked sous vide style. We place our classic batches in water baths, bringing the internal temperature up to 150F for just 5 minutes. By gently cooking our batches this way, we’re ensuring pasteurization making it easier for delicate tummies. Optimal nutrition in a slider, ideal for sensitive systems. 

Small Batch makes 100% raw, non-grain diets for dogs that are formed into convenient patties, easy to thaw and serve at meal times..  Smallbatch is a unique "made to order" pet food company. This means that your pet's food is not mass produced and products are prepared in small batches. All of their meat comes from California farms and is pasture raised, hormone and antibiotics-free. Small Batch strives to use only California grown fruits and vegetables that are certified organic. All ingredients are human grade.

Smallbatch uses compostable packaging whenever possible, so what's inside is good for your pet and what's outside is not bad for your environment.

Key Benefits

  • Grown and prepared locally using humanely raised meats
  • No grains, corn or soy
  • Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and EFA's from whole food sources
  • No hormones or antibiotics
  • Made in the USA