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Lotus Oven-Baked Chicken Small Bites Recipe

by Lotus
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Lotus Oven-Baked kibble for dogs is made by a process so uncommonly wholesome it has an “®” after its name. It?s called Baked-In Goodness®(see?), and it?s the big reason Lotus tastes delicious and is closer to homemade. Oven-baking means Lotus Oven-Baked kibble is less processed, has less starch, has more fresh meats, fish and poultry than most other kibbles, and hey, it just plain tastes better. It?s never extruded like most other dog foods. What the heck is extrusion, you say? It?s the process of using heat and high pressure (three times atmospheric pressure!) to form kibble in dies. Then they?re sprayed with “flavor” and fats. Plastic is often formed by extrusion, too. Creepy, right? Good thing someone (hint, hint) is committed to always oven-baking wholesome food for your dog.

Key Benefits

  • Oven Baked in small batches in Canada
  • Baked with meats, poultry, and fish that have no added hormones and or antibiotics
  • Baked with non GMO fruits and vegetables
  • Dogs love Lotus oven baked great taste because we use more fresh meat up to fresh meat compared to or less in extruded foods
  • Oven Baked for a low starch delivery less starch than a comparable extruded food
  • Our oven baked recipes are less processed than extruded pet food This helps protect the nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants from fruits and veggies , proteins, and amino acids better than extruded pet foods
  • All life stage recipe