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Joint Health Sticks Dog Treats

SKU 857733007208


Support your canine companion’s joints with the nutritious and delicious Jack&Pup Joint Health Sticks Dog Treats. With beef gullet as the only ingredient, these odor-free premium grade quality jerky treats are paw-sitively perfect for pups on limited ingredient diets. They are also high in protein, low in fat and 100% digestible making them a great alternative to rawhide treats! Made with grass-fed, free-range cattle raised without hormones or antibiotics these dog treats are safe, healthy, full of flavor and suitable for all breeds and life stages, so pups from all barks of life can enjoy a savory Jack&Pup treat!

Key Benefits

  • Supports Joint Health - Jack&Pup Joint Health Support Sticks are 100% beef gullets, being an all-natural single ingredient beef jerky, naturally rich in Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Promotes ligament and tendon health, and helps prevent cartilage wear and tear.
  • Top Quality & Healthy - sourced from grass fed,  free range cattle; raised without any added hormones or antibiotics, resulting in a healthier and better tasting treat
  • 100% Digestible & Odor Free-  Jack&Pup Joint Health Support Beef Gullet Sticks is a natural, low-fat and protein-rich, one-ingredient dog chew treat, being 100% beef muscle without any additives, artificial ingredients or fillers. Wheat free and gluten free. Naturally odor free, without the use of any preservatives or chemicals
  • Supports Healthy Teeth & Gums - effectively removes tartar build-up, strengthens the gums, removes plaque and promotes an overall enhanced oral health
  • Safe - The careful and natural preparation of the Joint Health Dog Treat Sticks effectively eliminates all bacteria and contaminates; making its’ consumption fully safe. Joint Health Support Gullet Sticks are a great alternative to bully sticks, being softer and easier to chew. Perfect for all dog sizes.